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1950s Japanese Demascene gold plated filigree hand etched black enamel bracelet with floral motif

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17cmL, box clasp, in good condition. Stamped Japan, K2.

The labor-intensive technique is a surface decoration of engraving and metal plating. The jewelry is often made of steel or other base metal in which precious metals (usually 18 and24 k gold) are placed in groves on a small surface, the hammered in place. The black background is created by the oxidation of a very hot solution used to darken the background, creating magical scenes and stories.

Note that damascene work was also introduced throughout Asia between 710-794 AD. It was extremely popular in Kyoto, Japan during the Edo period (1603 – 1868) when it was used to decorate sword handles before it became popular in jewelry. Japanese damascene is also referred to as shakudo, and is most often composed of 75% copper and 4-25% gold and 5-20% antimony. It is not to be confused with Siam sterling, while similar in style, is a different process, metal, and spiritual meaning. Asian damascene depicted scenes such as temples, fans, landscapes, flowers and Mount Fuji. By the end of WWI, more than half of the damascene jewelry produced in Japan was exported by UK and American tourists.