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Extremely rare Midcentury Venetian Goldoni white zanfirico glass with gold aventurine couple figurines

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Beautiful hand made Goldoni couple, sculptures made with the tecnique of warm glass modellation and gold aventurine. Price is for 2 figurines, one man, one woman, as in photos. Rare offering from our private collection. 

These figurines are an Italian glass master tradition, made with 24K gold aventurine, they are named after Carlo Goldoni, debonnaire and elegantly dressed in knee breeches, coat and flowing cape, a tricorner hat in one hand and a book in the other, the bare-headed but smartly wigged statue of the famous playwright.

Before Goldoni, Italian theatre was dominated by the hugely popular commedia dell’arte (comedy of professional actors), in which the actors wore masks and played such stock and traditional characters as Pantalone, a Venetian merchant, or Arlechino, the fool. Because the actors cleverly improvised the dialogue, the playwright simply provided a story outline for them to work from. Goldoni changed all this. He gradually eliminated the stultifying masks and added fast-moving plots, building intrigue into his comedies by representing real life and manners, especially those of the new middle class, with dialogue in everyday language, particularly the Venetian dialect. Influenced by Moli?re but with a kindlier take on his fellow men, Goldoni poked fun at the arrogant and pompous, something that still pleases audiences more than two centuries after his death. 

20cm x 9cm, both in good vintage condition, wear consistent with age, see photos, purchase as-is.