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Extremely rare antique Victorian opalescent Vaseline glass epergne

Extremely rare antique Victorian opalescent Vaseline glass epergne

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Extremely rare Victorian example, in great condition, 42cm x 20cm, glows amazing colour under black light. Rare 2 baskets example, true Vaseline opalescent colour. Rare offering from our private collection. This was our most prized shop display item, it’s been featured in many exhibitions, it is now time for us to let go of her.

Uranium glass is a term used to describe any glassware that glows green under UV light. It is made by adding small amounts of uranium oxide to the glass mixture, usually the purpose is to give a strong green or yellow colour. Vaseline glass is a type of uranium glassware that has a pale yellow green colour similar to that of petroleum jelly, often with opalescent white sections. The two terms "vaseline" and "uranium" are often used to describe the same type of glass, but to be clear, while most vaseline glass has uranium content, there is a huge amount of uranium glass, of various shades of green and yellow, even blue, cream, and white, that does not fit the description of "vaseline". Uranium glass can be detected with a geiger counter, or an ultraviolet (UV) light. The fact that uranium glass glows bright green under UV light, has led to uranium glass becoming popular with collectors.

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