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Vintage Oroton chunky O links necklace

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40cmL, in good condition.

Founded in Sydney, Australia in 1938 by Boyd Lane, Oroton started as an importer of luxury European textiles. From its very beginnings, Oroton believed in quality, working to source the best materials around the world.

Oroton soon transitioned into design, revolutionising Australian fashion by replacing the traditional materials used for evening bags with woven metallic mesh - a solely utilitarian material at the time. The collections of shimmering gold and silver evening bags were widely sought after. Oroton became symbolic of Australian fashion: relaxed, modern, practical and beautiful.

The Oroton ‘O’ becomes a registered trademark in 1970s and Oroton extends its product offering to include a jewellery.

The company acquires the Polo Ralph Lauren license for Australia and New Zealand in 1980 and organisation becomes known as “OrotonGroup”.