Collection: Art Deco Karl Palda Glassware 1910s - 1940s

The firm of Karl Palda was founded in 1888 in Haida, Nový Bor, Bohemia (now the Czech Republic).  

A well respected Art Deco glass manufacturer and well known maker of geometric designed pieces in particular decanters, decanter sets, vases, candlesticks, vanity sets, toilet sets and perfume bottles. 

The period that Karl Palda is most famous for is 1933 to 1938 when striking and inventive geometric designs became a departure from the classic floral carved designs. 

Not much is known about the glassmakers and artists that were active at Karl Palda around the Art Deco period and most dealers and collectors rely on experience and years of personal research and the factory catalogue of 1938 that shows the range of products for identification purposes. This full catalogue is now housed in the Corning Glass Museum. 

The items in this collection are museum-quality pieces and are very rare because they were not mass-produced, each item was hand cut and enamelled and none are the same.  

Acquiring a Palda is a matter of the heart, a Palda is for design lovers, once you lay your eyes on one, it is love at first sight.