I am Canadian-Australian-Vietnamese and I am a lawyer but most importantly I am a collector. I’ve lived in many places in the world and is now based in Sydney, Australia. I hold an art history degree and have collected many interesting and beautiful things but was always in a personal capacity only. When I first started Glass Et Cetera I thought how great would it be to able to share all the objects I’ve collected all these years along with my passion for flower arrangement on a platform where liked minded people could see, admire and own such curated pieces and this led to the creation of my Instagram page and online store. Then sometime in April this year during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown I was on my covid walk down Crown Street towards Oxford Street with my partner and our french bull dog Sharky and I saw a cute little shop on the ground level of a terrace with a for lease sign. At that time it was rented out short term to a gallery and all the artworks were hung up and leaned on the walls and I thought how amazing would it be to have my vintage shop here, but it was a fleeting moment because fear kicked in and I thought to myself, it’s just an idea. But what happened next was I couldn’t shake off the idea of having this shop in that space. I had an epiphany. Life is too short to not fully commit to what we love to do, things we’re passionate about and that special connection we have with objects whether they are a painful remainder of the past or a symbol of hope. This is how Glass Et Cetera came about, it was formed during a pandemic to bring joy and a bit of colour to your life, no matter how terrible life gets I want these beautiful things that I have curated to be your companion, be in your dinner conversations, be in your home whereever it might be. So check out my insta, online store or come on down to browse, touch, discuss, say hi to Sharky and hopefully you can leave with an object that you’ll hold dear forever.