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Extremely rare 1970s Grosse Bijoux made in Germany triple plated gold necklace

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100cmL, in great vintage condition. Stunning and high quality gold plating from Grosse Bijoux Germany. Clasp stamped Grosse Germany 73.

In 1907, at the famous goldsmith town of Pforzheim Germany, Heinrich Henkel and his brother-in-law Florentin Grosse established “Süddeutsche Gold-und Harrbijouterie-Fabrik Heinrich Henkel und Co” (South-German Gold and Hair Jeweller) specialized in producing jewellery and watch chain made of woven and plaited hair.

After World War I broke out in 1914, demand for Grossé’s modern and fashionable watch chain, which was woven with the long hair of loved ones, was prevalent among young people entering the battlefield. This jewellery made of hair was extremely popular, even beyond the borders of Germany, in Europe and as far away as India.

In 1918, after the end of World War I, the era of liberation and social advancement among women began. The women took off the corset that ties the body and enjoy freedom and independence. Costume jewellery has become an important element to complete the new fashion.

In tune with the times, Grossé introduced state-of-the-art modernist design, manufactures avant-garde costume jewellery that combined art and technology. This new design-driven costume jewellery received wide critical acclaim, drawing attention and interest from major houses, such as Lavin and Chanel.

Christian Dior, who breathed a life in New Look, advocated a total look up to not only clothes but also details, such as hats, shoes, bags, perfumes, jewellery and so on. When Grossé started selling jewellery in Dior boutique, the success was great, and Christian Dior highly appreciated the quality of the work and concluded a partnership with Grossé in 1955 under his strong request.

Over the next 50 years Grossé was responsible for the production of Christian Dior Bijoux and had the right to sell it and sent out numerous masterpieces to the world. Even in the history of Dior, such a long term license cooperation was unprecedented.