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1980s Coro triple plated gold statement necklace with XOXO links

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40cmL, in good vintage condition.

Emanuel Cohn, a New York business man founded the Coro empire in around 1902 and called it E Cohn & Company. In 1904 Carl Rosenberger became a partner and the firm was renamed Cohn and Rosenberger. The new company produced findings for several items including sautoirs and collar pins. In 1911 the original owner, Emanuel Cohn died, and his family sold their share to his partner Carl. Carl Rosenberger was responsible for the growth of the company, and by combining his and Cohn’s name the new name of ‘Coro’ was born.

Steady growth continued under his guidance. A factory was opened in New York and the line of items produced expanded. The name Coro was officially used for the first time in 1943. The company went on to become the largest costume jewellery manufacturer in the world.