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Vintage Murano harlequin glass decanter by famed Venetian glasshouse BALLARIN.

30cm x 8cm, in good condition. Made in Italy BALLARIN stamp intact. Comes with certificate of authenticity. Glass is so fine it is a slight as paper, one of the most incredible feature of BALLARIN glassware and techniques.


Murano, an island historically full of creativity and skilled labor, gave the two brothers Francesco and Mario Ballarin continuous opportunities to develop new ideas and projects in the glass art sector. Since they were children, both worked for some of the most famous glasswork furnaces on the island and learned from the most skilled glass-makers, acquiring from them the
fascinating knowledge of glassmaking. In 1956, Francesco and Mario merged their skills to create F&M Ballarin: a company that, over time, grew and evolved along with the vast demands of an increasingly international market.

The company’s early years were characterized by a period of experimentation in which it sought to define its identity. In fact, there are many techniques to be tested in order to stand out from the many glassmaking businesses already on the island. In this period, the company tested different techniques, such as the creation of artistic mirrors, grinding, borosilicate glass processing, up to the processing of glass blown in filigree rods, a technique that, even today, is the basis of the main production of F&M Ballarin. The artworks created from this processing have a unique and modern style, and led to significant success during the various exhibitions in which the company participated.