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Rare 1980s Australian studio pottery vase by Rod Pedler

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Hand made and hand glazed by Rod Pedler, 23cm x 14cm, in good condition, for dry flowers only. 

Rod Pedler worked for three-years as a primary school teacher before becoming a full-time potter in 1975. With the help of a Crafts Board grant he set up the McLaren Vale pottery in an old wine storage shed in McLaren Vale, SA. By 1981 he was employing 18 potters and also manufacturing and selling porcelain and stoneware clays. In 1982, after a six-month residency at Griffith University, he set up the Koweo Pottery in McLaren Vale with just two other potters, and began to make low-fired pots with salt introduced into the firing at various intervals. During the 1980s, his vases and blossom jars were sold widely in galleries around Australia. Works are incised 'Rod' and may also have a paper label advising that items are decorative only, and will not hold water.