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Rare Midcentury Czech Skrdlovice swung pink blue white sommerso glass vase

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25cm x 11cm, in good vintage condition. Stunning colour and quality. From our private collection, rare offering.

 This vase is one of many in the series that we own in our private collection, it’s from Skrdlovice Glassworks dating between 1950s and 1970s, in our opinion the main competitor of Chribska. Their techniques are so similar but oh so different. Utilising similar colours but more pastel than the gems tone of the Chribska Cat’s Head and Whiskers.

The Beránek glassworks was founded by Emanuel Beránek and his two brothers Bohuslav and Josef, in the village of Skrdlovice in 1941. Emanuel was already a master glassmaker at this time. When World War II ended in 1945, Emanuel bought his brothers shares and became the sole owner of the factory. His brothers stayed at the factory to work for him. The factory name was changed to Skrdlovice around 1950, approximately the same time communism arrived in the country.

Notable designers to work at Skrdlovice include Milena Veliskova, Maria Stahlikova, Jan Kotik, Jaroslav Svoboda, Jarmila Svoboda, Pavel Jezek, Ladislav Oliva and Frantisek Vizner.